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The reframe:namespace consists of all pages with the reframe: prefix. The colon used in a name implies that a different point of view is in use than in main namespace. The perspective of the reframe:namespace is to correct misapprehensions of fact, policy, law and of political rhetoric aggressively using defense frames (when defending against false allegations or errors) or attack frames (when advancing new policy proposals) or (as the argument matures) issue/position/argument structures. If the issue eventually comes to court or a public hearing using an adversarial process, a full issue/position/argument/evidence/source/authority tree will have to be produced so that the positions the advocates hold are most effectively presented by lawyers, politicians or other advocates. See framing (politics) for more on this process.

when to create a "reframe:..." page[edit]

A new page should be created in this namespace whenever media imagery and misleading language that causes people to reach unwarranted conclusions. Without meaningful public consultation and more robust open government mechanisms, advocates and activists must learn how to reframe issue statements and positions so that bad assumptions made by media or politicians are reliably challenged. Ideally, call-in radio, blog, wiki, facebook, Wikipedia, Sourcewatch, letter to the editor pages and so on will be used by advocates who all have the reframed page in front of them.

what doesn't belong[edit]

When only the use of a specific term or metaphor needs to be addressed, create a single page in the term:namespace for each spin term, e.g. term:taxpayer. If a specific false claim keeps recurring you can create a page for that in claim:namespace, e.g. claim:NB Power cannot pay its debt. Reserve reframe:namespace for more complex issues requiring position-taking and explanation of comkplex background.

Pages available and to be created soon[edit]