Wabanaki Confederacy

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See Wikipedia English: Wabanaki Confederacy for a general reference. That is an uncontroversial summary article suitable to quote in any context. What follows is an expanded version with more information that can be used as a source to improve the public Wikipedia article or for reference in contexts sympathetic to the Confederacy, Migmag Grand Council, First Peoples or First Nations. See also Haudenosaunee.

The Wabanaki Confederacy supports a wide variety of activities including:

Its key figures testify on a wide variety of public issues including hydraulic fracturing and Energy East and mining in New Brunswick. [1] - see Main Page especially for more links to materials.

The Confederacy has also been invited as a peer signatory to many other agreements and efforts including:

This wiki, which coordinates all the above and more NB-related activism, relies on support from Wabanaki ally groups and organizations including NB paralegals and Efficient Civics Guild. You can assist by donating to the Confederacy Legal and Communication Support Fund.