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Ophiuchus : The New Zodiac Sign

Is Ophiuchus The New Astrological Sign? Recently people have been recently clamoring to the internet to uncover about this latest discovery while using astrological signs. It seems that there are now 13 zodiac signs as opposed to the 12 we own known.

The 13th sign is termed Ophiuchus and is if anyone else is born between the schedules of November 30th that will Dec 17th. Ophiuchus, is also known as Serpentarius it is displayed as an image of a staff and serpent. This symbol has been used widely through the medical community for decades.

What if you were a Gemini your life and now they say that actually a Taurus?

The biggest concern with people is they've now to change the sign. This is nothing to get alarmed over because New Zodiac Signs would be designed starting November 2009. Many people are very specialized in their New Astrological Signs and may not be too fond connected with changing it.

People have become somewhat that come with their sign and going as far as wearing astrology sign jewelry, t-shirts and even receiving their sign tattooed on their health. According to historians along with astrologers the thirteenth sign was known skin color way back in the times of the Babylonians. The Babylonians discarded this sign to be with the 12 indications as we have known our lives.

So why did this kind of all happen? According to expert astrologers this earths axis has tilted over most of these years causing what they're just now referring to seeing that "Earth Wobble. "

Most people won't pay out this whole thing an excessive amount attention because of their existing sign plus the desire to simply retain it. However, there are many people were curious with what the new sign is.