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The term:namespace consists of all pages with the term: prefix. You should always redirect spin terms to this namespace if there is no more appropriate page in the reframe:namespace to explain them. Usually the prefix implies that the term is disavowed by the editors, publishers and most rational people and should not be used, e.g. term:pro-life, term:taxpayer, not a particularly neutral or universally accepted term except to describe the group of people using it. See framing (politics) for a more general discussion of why this is extremely important.

The colon used in a name implies that a different point of view is in use than in main namespace. The perspective of the term:namespace is simply to disavow particular terms and phrases for being rhetorical or useless or misleading or propaganda, i.e. spin terms useful only to prejudice argument. If the issue is complex, use reframe:namespace and redirect the term to the appropriate page, e.g. "sell NB Power" directs to reframe:NB Power where the various confusing and conflicting uses of that phrase to mean many different things is explained. Only if the issue is the language in use should the redirecting be to this term:namespace.

If the language is undesirable but not misleading, simply redirect it to the appropriate page with the correct name.

See [http://dkosopedia.com/wiki/term:namespace dksopedia's more extensive explanation of this.

when to create a "term:..." page[edit]

A new page should be created in this namespace whenever the mere use of a term biases argument. Without meaningful public consultation and more robust open government mechanisms, advocates and activists must learn how to isolate and challenge term usage that embeds positions so that bad assumptions made by media or politicians are reliably challenged. Ideally, call-in radio, blog, wiki, facebook, Wikipedia, Sourcewatch, letter to the editor pages and so on will be used by advocates will reliably challenge any use of these terms as if they meant any specific thing. Their use marks an advocate, e.g. term:Oil Sands instead of Tar Sands.

what doesn't belong[edit]

When several terms or metaphors need to be addressed, create a single page in the reframe:namespace instead. If a specific false claim keeps recurring you can create a page for that in claim:namespace, e.g. claim:NB Power cannot pay its debt. Reserve reframe:namespace for more complex issues requiring position-taking and explanation of comkplex background.

Pages available and to be created soon[edit]