Are Spin Doctors Hiding NB Power Assets?

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Are Spin Doctors Hiding NB Power Assets? COMMENTARY[edit]

'On the TJ Front page article, "The power strategy that couldn't"'


COMMENTARY: Let the Spin Begin...again! Thoughts on the Telegraph Journal Front page opinion article, '"The power strategy that couldn't"'

'Are Spin Doctors Hiding NB Power Assets?' by Willi Nolan 25 Feb 2010 Kent County, New Brunswick

Not ONE word was stated about investments that have positioned the [1] [NB Power] asset base for power and data demand management in the aforementioned Telegraph Journal article, or in the majority of related economic analyses for that matter. The fact is undeniable, the utility's operations are now primed, technologically, to enter the new energy economy. However, the existence and value of this "asset" are being ignored in favor of conflicting, uneducated, nonstop reports on things like debt, increasing power generation costs, renewables, export transmission capacity, cooperation in the Atlantic region and avoiding rate increases.

This is classic [2] [*DISINFORMATION*] strategy. More importantly, why do PR experts think it will work?

On the one hand, there is still huge money in power generation - for a few, short term. These same few seek to capitalize on out-dated technologies like nuclear and fossil fuel plants or mismanaged distribution and renewable generation - that cost billions to build, operate and maintain. Costs are going nowhere but up. The NB Power Group of Companies certainly needs better strategic management to improve its financial position as a utility and to meet its responsibility to the public, its shareholders.

On the other hand, neither politicians nor taxpayers fully understand simple solutions like [3] [CONSERVATION]... yet. Efficiency experts across the world can save virtually any business 25% to 70% in power usage costs. Demand management is already huge business internationally because it is proven to pay off both short and long term for utilities, workers and bankers. However, implementing demand management strategies always requires new knowledge and an almost complete reversal in thinking.

With regard to the sale of [4] [NB Power], it is just wrong to allow elected, appointed or salaried public officials to be unduly influenced by PR and lobbying firms that represent private interests who just don't get or want to get CONSERVATION. The result? Despite constant and growing cries from people who are dedicated to keeping, fixing and benefiting from their utility, new announcements appear of yet more 'public' consultations obviously intended to justify the present government's asking the wrong questions in support of its wrong position.

Ask yourself, what if New Brunswickers suddenly used 25% less electricity? 50%less? 70% less? What if New Brunswick's [5] [power and data network] provided all of the [6] [life-saving and money-saving services that it was designed for]? What can we do to make those things happen?

I say, let's start by firing all of the overpriced, out of touch [7] [spin doctors] and their lackeys. New Brunswickers don't want to hear it.


Willi Nolan is a journalist, researcher, veteran activist, community organizer and grandmother. She is currently leading a Resilient and Sustainable Communities project for the Toronto-based [8] [International Institute of Concern for Public Health] and research to improve the lives of Aboriginal women.



The power strategy that couldn't, by Philip Lee - Breaking News, New Brunswick Excerpt: For more than two hours, in plain and precise language, Bill Marshall told a skeptical crowd in a packed 400-seat auditorium at St. Thomas University, a story they didn't want to hear. Now he was about to do it again.

--Nbreferata 16:09, March 18, 2010 (UTC)