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establishing a New Brunswick Public Interest Commission[edit]

précis of facebook discussions


  • protection of public interest and concerns
    • public health, safety and wellness
    • economic self sufficiency, resilience and sustainability
    • public Right to Know

  • control and management of public assets
    • natural environment

  • strengthening public policy, legislation and regulation
    • critical infrastructure - transportation, communications, energy
    • food security

  • open and transparent government
    • electoral reform
  • access to information

    • oversight of government decision making
  • public review process

    • strengthening public service
  • evaluation - education - efficiency

    • oversight of bureaucracy
  • public oversight of government structure and spending
  • full cost accounting, including social, environmental and financial costs and benefits

    • eliminating corrupt, incompetent, destructive and inefficient government practices i.e. monopolies, empire building
  • establish government practices investigative authority

    • public oversight of public private partnerships
  • including corporations, associations, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • establish public cost-benefit assessment process


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comments on the effect of lack of meaningful public consultation[edit]

précis of facebook discussion

  • corporate welfare bums promise of job creation and economic stimulus while they lobby our government to eliminate NB Power jobs and cut back services. Any candidates hoping for a future in politics in NB need to understand that this subsidizing of industry has failed us.
  • We need policy and legislation to reverse the laws and rid our boards of these business owners who profit from our taxes by governments that:
    • give unfair subsidies and income tax breaks to big business
    • allow large corporations to avoid paying property tax
    • allow unfair labour practices
    • keep loopholes open allowing tendering processes to be bypassed
    • negotiate long term contracts with private companies without critical review
    • permit media and industry monopolies
    • permit the bullying of small and micro businesses by the big players
    • fail to address systematic discrimination in the workplace
    • fail to keep a close eye on Business New Brunswick and the tax dollars flowing to this and similar entities
    • actually discourage home energy conservation and energy efficiency under the Efficiency NB program: e.g. after telling a homeowner to spend thousands upgrading their home to be efficient, the province raises property taxes shortly thereafter, resulting in higher costs to the homeowner, while subsidizing millions to industry for business based efficiency and environmental programs while these businesses already pay lower rates for property taxes and energy.
    • impose policies that increase the gap between the most wealthy and the poorest in the province
    • cause the poorest new Brunswickers to spend 37% of their income on basic necessities (i.e. food, clothing, shelter) and 42% on taxes. Question: what are the statistics are for industry?