Lorraine Clair statement in custody 18 Nov 2013

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Lorraine Clair statement in custody[edit]

As read to the media by friend Willi Nolan on November 18th, 2013[edit]

(YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvCP3lXNMtg)

My name is Willi Nolan. I was asked to read this statement on behalf of my friend, Lorraine Clair

Thank you everyone for coming here today and showing your support for me and Mother Earth. Thank you to my family and friends before I forget. Thank you to Corporal Bernard and Corporal Styles from Nova Scotia who, after my ordeal in the woods and in transport, showed me that there are RCMP out there who do care about the people. They treated me like a human being, with respect and kindness. Thank you.

As for those RCMP who violently arrested me on Thursday morning, well, I was brought up hearing what goes around comes around. So for you, karma is going to handle this one. I pray that you will some day find love in your heart and peace in your soul. I pray that Creator open your heart to let you see what you have done to a fellow human being. I would like to tell you that I am someone's wife, Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother. Look in my eyes and you can see my family's love. That's the same love I have for my own Mother and Mother Earth.

I am a survivor of Child Abuse of every kind, I have been beaten but I always got back up. This time will be no different. I may be hurt, but the Mother in me will not let me stay down. I am sorry to my family for putting you through this worry, but if what happened to me will stop SWN, then I know I will be fine.

That morning, the Spirits were watching over me, because if they were not with me, I would not be with you.

My life has been struggles, this will be just another one I will have to face.

I would also ask the media to please allow my family and I some time for healing. When I am ready to speak to you, I will notify you. Thank you.

And in closing:

To all my friends across Turtle Island: Thank you for your support and standing together to Protect Mother Earth. Let's keep fighting the peaceful fight. Let's free Mother Earth from the clutches of Government and Corporations.

Our Mother needs us to be Idle No More!

Mi'kmaq people, Idle No More.
Maliseet people, Idle No More.
Anglophone people, Idle No More.
Acadian people, Idle No More.
All Nations, Idle No More.

Your Fellow Protector,

Lorraine Clair

(Fist pump) Free Mother Earth (repeat)

(YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvCP3lXNMtg)